OptimaStage is a software to manage and easily administrate orchestras.
It helps to organise and control every single detail of your musical projects.

Thanks to its simplicity, OptimaStage offers complete control regarding all sectors of orchestral management: administration, instrumentalists, soloists, conductors, rehearsals, concerts, repertoire, composers, works. All documents are easily editable, making the work fast and efficient.

OptimaStage uses a central online database that makes it easily accessible to all people involved in the projects.

Access to detailed information can be tailored to specific criteria, giving the client the possibility to decide who or which groups of people have access to project data: so, for example, musicians can check their personal agenda and download the orchestral parts; conductors can see the projects in which they are involved; agents can access calenders for upcoming seasons.
This flexibility makes internal and external communications extremely fast and effective.

OptimaStage is constantly monitored and under technical control. For your safety all data and documents are saved daily and stored in a secure database.
Immediate support is available by telephone or email.

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